Professional cricket coaching FOR BOYS & GIRLS OF ALL AGES & ABILITIES

Parents’ Information

Welcome to Complete Cricket! Everything Parents & Teachers need to know about Complete Cricket is here. We have a professionally qualified coaching team who are dedicated to offering the best cricket coaching to improve and inspire children of all ages and abilities.

Here is a selection of the most common questions asked by Parents & Teachers about Complete Cricket and our courses.

Yes, all of our coaches are at least:

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Complete Cricket will not tolerate bullying of any kind; all children who attend courses are made aware of the policy and the consequences at the start of the course. The welfare and safety of all children who attend our courses is our highest priority.

All of Complete Cricket’s staff are first aid qualified and will deal with any minor injuries or illnesses. All accidents will be recorded and parents will be informed of any illness/accident at the end of the day.

In the event of a serious accident the parent/guardian will be informed straight away.

Please inform Complete Cricket staff if your child has an allergy and an emergency or any medications that may need to be taken in the event of an allergy and an emergency eg. Epipens.

All children will be required to register at the start of the day. Children will not leave the premises until their parent/guardian has collected them. Please inform the Complete Cricket head coach if your child is leaving with another parent and we will require a written letter signed by the parent/guardian if you are happy for your son/daughter to walk home alone.

Complete Cricket has public liability and employer’s liability insurance cover and a copy of the certificates are on show at each venue.