Cricket Tours

With exciting tour locations covering both the UK and overseas, don’t miss out on an unforgettable experience of a lifetime; being able to train, develop and improve your game in some of the world’s best cricket facilities, across sensational destinations world-wide.

Led by our professional team of Complete Cricket coaches, our cricket tours are second to none and provide you with fantastic opportunities to challenge yourself and have fun playing against different opposition.

Check out what its like to tour with us in the video below: 


Desert Springs Training Camp:

Desert Springs Cricket Ground, located in south-east Spain, provides a world-class year-round training environment within an ideal climate for competitive matches and training camps.

With full access to the fantastic on-site facilities as used by the England cricket team, two experienced Complete Cricket coaches will provide over 25 hours of high-level learning time throughout the training camp, giving attendees the opportunity to train like a pro!
Saturday 24th October – Tuesday 27th October 2020
This training camp is suitable for players aged 10 – 16 
If you would like to book your child onto the Desert Springs Training Camp, or would like access to the information pack, please email:

South Africa Cricket Tour:

Located on the picturesque V&A waterfront in Cape Town South Africa, this Complete Cricket Tour is one not to be missed! 

With up to 4 experienced Complete Cricket coaches (including one female) leading the trip, attendees have the opportunity of a lifetime to experience cricket within one of the finest cricketing nations of the world! 

As well as being a high-level cricket tour, this trip will broaden players’ cultural horizons through exciting and varying excursions along the way. 

Thursday 11th February – Saturday 20th February 2021 

This cricket tour is suitable for players aged 11 – 18 

Supporters’ package: 
Complete Cricket are delighted to also be offering a fantastic supporters’ package for this trip, whereby you can enjoy a stress free holiday experiencing the wonderful joys that South Africa has to offer, with flights, transport, accommodation and amazing excursions ALL included! 

If you would like to book your child onto the South Africa Cricket Tour, would like access to the information pack and/or would like further information about the supporters' package, please email: