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Alfie Blundell, Cricketer

I have attended the CCA (Complete Cricket Academy) since September – and since I started I have really enjoyed the challenges set by the coaches.

My favourite part of the Academy is batting against the Bowling Machine with Jim Troughton, Dom Ostler and Ian Westwood. A massive thank you to all the Coaches as they are brilliant. The other part of the academy I have enjoyed is bowling at the older boys as this was a big challenge for me and helped improve my bowling.

Fielding and fitness is a big part as well and we have just completed a Bleep Test – Coach Jamie Spires has been teasing us about this Test for some weeks so am glad that it is now out of the way, until the New Year.

The facilities are excellent, and the whole experience so far is amazing. I can’t wait until the summer arrives to put what I have learnt into our matches.