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Coaching Testimonials | Complete Cricket

Sam Caherty, Sports Co-ordinator

Complete Cricket started to coach for our Partnership schools in the summer of 2008. Right from the start, David and his team of coaches proved to be very popular with all the pupils they were coaching.

The extra curricular club which was set up for KS3 girls has had a great impact on girls who had never played cricket before. David approached each coaching session with enthusiasm and professionalism. Now two terms on, the girls’ skills, personal performance and knowledge of the game has improved considerably. They have managed to play confidently in two partnership fixtures and represented the school in cricket for the first time!

The Complete Cricket team, have also worked successfully with our Primary Schools, providing high quality coaching to a wide variety of mixed ability children. The team of coaches working with David have demonstrated great organisation, super communication and outstanding teaching skills with all children involved. All of our Primary pupils are now so enthusiastic about playing cricket!

I can honestly say the standard of coaching and delivery from the Complete Cricket team is very high. I would recommend this coaching company to any school or club who is looking to develop cricket for young people!