Professional cricket coaching FOR BOYS & GIRLS OF ALL AGES & ABILITIES

Cancellation Policy


In the event that you/ your child can no longer make a group, individual or Academy coaching session booked with Complete Cricket (International) Limited, the following Cancellation Policy will apply:


  • Do not book or attend if you or anyone in your household displays symptoms or your household is currently in isolation.
  • Personal hygiene measures should be carried out at home before and after use of the facility. The pavilion and toilet facilities will not be open.
  • Bring your own hand sanitiser where possible. If this is not possible wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds before and after visiting the club.
  • Travel together as a household and avoid public transport.
  • Do not arrive too early, aim to arrive at the start of your booked slot to help with social distancing.
  • Bring your own playing/training equipment including balls. Balls should not be shared between members of different households.
  • Batters to knock or kick ball back to the bowler and not throw it as usual – the batter should not handle the balls.
  • Bring your own filled drinking bottles.
  • Avoid touching surfaces such as benches, covers and sightscreens as much as possible whilst on club premises.
  • Do not overstay your allocated time slot, you should finish your net 10 minutes before the next users are booked to allow time to clear up, cleanse and socially distance. Do not stay to socialise.
  • Do not leave private property behind.
  • No spitting.
  • No saliva or sweat should come into contact with any of the balls at any time.
  • As always, the health and safety of participants is paramount – please ensure those using the nets minimise the risk of injury (wear helmets, pads, boxes etc). Emergency services response times are currently being delayed; this is vital to avoid any additional stress on the NHS.
  • All users should report any infection of their household within 14 days following use of the facility to David Smith on 07463 764 559 to allow effective contact tracing and to limit the spread of the virus.


Group Sessions

  1. If Complete Cricket are notified of known dates of absences (for example, due to holidays) at the time of booking, the cost of these sessions will be deducted from the amount payable;
  2. The cost of all other missed sessions will not be refundable.

Individual Sessions

  1. If Complete Cricket are notified of known dates of absences (for example, due to holidays) at the time of making a block booking (of 6 sessions), the missed sessions will be rearranged for mutually convenient day(s)/time(s);
  2. If, after a booking has been made, an individual session needs to be cancelled and Complete Cricket are given more than 24 hours’ advance notice of the cancellation, Complete Cricket will endeavour to fulfil the missed session at a mutually convenient day/ time. If this is not possible, a refund will be given for that session;
  3. If an individual session is cancelled within 24 hours of it being due to take place, the cost of that session will not be refundable. If it was not paid for in advance, the cost of the session will be payable and should be paid for within 7 days of the scheduled session.

Academy Sessions

  1. A deposit of £100 is required to secure a place at a Complete Cricket Academy. Once this deposit has been paid, it is non-refundable.
  2. Once the balance of payment for the Academy course has been paid (by a date to be specified by Complete Cricket), no refund or part-refund will be given.
  3. If on a particular date you/ your child cannot attend an Academy session, where appropriate Complete Cricket will offer the opportunity for you/ your child to attend another Academy session (with a different age group) that week, or the preceding or following week. If that session cannot be attended, the cost of the missed week will not be refunded.

In the event that Complete Cricket need to cancel a session, for example, due to the illness of a coach, Complete Cricket will endeavour to fulfill the missed session at a mutually convenient day/ time. If this is not possible, a refund will be given within 7 days of the scheduled session.

A PDF download of our Cancellation Policy is available.

Where a refund is payable, please contact Complete Cricket at