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Jack Cooke, Cricketer

I was also lucky to join the CCA (Complete Cricket Academy) in September – the first thing that you notice is that there are a lot of coaches, all looking like really good cricketers, which it turned out that they were, mostly playing for Warwickshire!

The standard is very high and the coaching is intense, but rewarding. The coaching is for all areas of the game, batting (I agree with Nick that the bigger boys were a bit scary at first), bowling and fielding, particularly catching where if you can’t take a slip catch up close from Ossie’s bat, then you’ll end up doing a lot of press ups!

I’ve really enjoyed being there with a group of boys who I love being with and playing against in the nets, it’s a lot of fun, but hard work with amazing support from all of the coaches. I can’t wait to get back, I’ve loved learning how to play all of the batting shots, from hooking and pulling to sweeping and driving as well as learning how to swing the ball when bowling. It’s been a terrific help to me and I’m looking forward to the summer to see how we get on outdoors…