Professional cricket coaching FOR BOYS & GIRLS OF ALL AGES & ABILITIES

What is Complete Cricket Pro?

Complete Cricket are delighted to announce the launch of the new ‘Complete Cricket Pro’, designed to be the next step in a players’ cricketing journey. Complete Cricket Pro provides development opportunities for more advanced hardball players, with sessions incorporating more detailed technical, tactical, psychological and physical skills.

Complete Cricket Pro boasts a wide range of coaching talent including current and former professional cricketers, ECB Level 3 qualified coaches and county pathway coaches, to provide your son or daughter with the very best advice and guidance to take them to the next level and prepare them for performance cricket.

Who is Complete Cricket Pro suitable for?

Complete Cricket Pro is suitable for boys and girls aged 9+ who need more advanced hard-ball training to boost their potential in the game. Complete Cricket Pro sessions are suitable for more experienced cricketers who are looking to make it into their club first team, development side, county side or even become a professional player!

What Pro sessions are available for your son or daughter?

*Pro skill-set sessions coming winter 2022

What other Complete Cricket sessions are appropriate for your child?

For any further coaching enquiries, please contact us by emailing: or by calling: 07886689941