Full CRB Checks

All coaches at Solihull based Complete Cricket Coaching have had full CRB checks so you can have confidence in their suitability to work with young children.

All members of the Complete Cricket Coaching team have been required to complete a Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) check in order to work with young people and vulnerable adults. This is a requirement for anyone working as a sports coach within a sports club or school environment.

All information supplied is checked against a central database to flag up if any individuals are deemed unsuitable to work with young children (or vulnerable adults). The use of the CRB checks makes it much easier for schools, clubs and organisations to ensure they are not appointing anyone who may be unsuitable to work with children.

Enhanced CRB disclosures are deemed most appropriate for those individuals working in sports clubs.

If you have any further questions please contact David Smith, Head Coach at Complete Cricket Coaching on 07886 689941 or email info@completecricketcoaching.co.uk.