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ECB Safe Hands

Complete Cricket comply with the new ECB initiative called Safe Hands. The ECB explains on it’s website that Safe Hands is ‘Cricket’s Policy for Safeguarding Children as part of its commitment to ensuring that the game provides a safe, friendly and enjoyable experience for children’.

Complete Cricket’s senior coaches have attended an ECB Safe Hands Workshop (which replaced the NSPCC ‘Time to Listen’ course at the turn of the year). Safe Hands advises cricket coaches on ‘the role, requirements and responsibilities of child safeguarding’. All of our cricket coaches will attend a refresher course to manage the transition between ‘Time to Listen’ and the new ‘Safe Hands’ initiative over the coming months. It is Complete Cricket’s policy to ensure we are fully aware and compliant with all aspects of child safeguarding schemes and initiatives.

For a full and detailed explanation please follow the link to Safe Hands – Safeguarding and Child Protection on the ECB website.

If you have any questions about the Safe Hands initiative then contact Complete Cricket on 07886 689941 or email