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Good Practice and Child Protection Award

Senior coaches at Complete Cricket in Solihull have attained the ‘Good Practice and Child Protection’ Award or the new more recent updated ‘Safeguarding and Protecting Children‘ Award.

Any organisation (including sports coaches), that work regularly with children, have clearly stated duties to safeguard children’s welfare. Each individual or organisation has a responsibility to:

  • Review their own practice to ensure compliance
  • Identify their values and feelings in relation to child abuse
  • Recognise how their values and feelings might affect their responses
  • Recognise signs and indicators of child abuse
  • Understand the impact of abuse on children
  • Respond appropriately to children who disclose that they are being abused
  • Take appropriate action if concerned that a child is being abused

These ‘Safeguarding and Protecting Children’ workshops are designed to help all sports coaches identify the ways in which they should be operating in relation to Child Protection issues.

If you have any questions about ‘Good Practice and Child Protection’ then contact Complete Cricket on 07886 689941 or email