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Coaching Testimonials | Complete Cricket

Ruth Boam, Sports Co-ordinator

Complete Cricket has been in place at Bentley Heath Primary School since early 2008 and both staff and children are delighted with their training.

Initially I booked CCC to run an after-school club for the Juniors, it proved to be so popular, we extended it down to KS1.

As PE Co-ordinator, you recognise that children may not have as many opportunities to develop their throwing and catching skills as they once had, hence it’s vital to get them involved playing team games, developing strategies and technical skills and cricket is the perfect game in which to learn that.

The Team have been friendly and approachable (the kids love them!) and find time to come into school to participate in Celebration Assemblies, recognising the progress and talents of the children in the club.  I know it’s a winner when the older children complain that the club hasn’t been running, even when it’s been snowing outside!