Wicketkeeping Academy with Richard Johnson

Wicketkeeping Academy with Richard Johnson

Complete Cricket have set up a Wicketkeeping Academy with Richard Johnson, wicketkeeper for Warwickshire CCC. Richard has teamed up with Complete Cricket Coaching to offer specialist coaching in the art of wicketkeeping.

As a young cricketer Richard Johnson received excellent advice and training from Tony Frost and Keith Piper, both were also wicketkeepers for Warwickshire CCC (like Richard).

Here is a quick guide to the skills you will need to become a good wicketkeeper. As well as good hands, the wicket keeper needs to think quickly and have fast reactions. To find out more, you can watch Richard’s recent Wicketkeeping masterclass with Complete Cricket.

Richard’s Top Wicket-keeping Tips:

  • Your wicketkeeping equipment should fit and be comfortable.
  • Always wear your protective box when keeping wicket.
  • Your wicketkeeping stance should be balanced.
  • As a wicketkeeper put your weight on the balls of your feet.
  • Your position behind the wicket will vary for every bowler you are wicketkeeping for.
  • You MUST wear a protective helmet if you’re under 16 and standing up to the wicket.
  • Always keep your head in line with the cricket ball.
  • Move your feet and get your head and hands into the right position.
  • Keep your head over your hands when diving for the cricket ball.
  • When attempting a stumping don’t snatch and let the cricket ball come through to you.

That’s our quick guide to the wicketkeeping basics. If you would like to learn more with Richard Johnson and the Complete Cricket team, you can. Contact David Smith, Head Coach at Complete Cricket to register your interest.

This is your opportunity to learn the art of wicketkeeping with a professional cricketer and see if you have what it takes to become a great keeper.