Pace Bowling Masterclass with Steven Crook – Part 1

Pace Bowling Masterclass led by Steven Crook, current Middlesex player and Complete Cricket.

This is the third in a series of videos of our Cricket Masterclass sessions to be added to the site. In this first session Steven Crook will give us an insight into the art of Pace Bowling. In this class Steven gave specialist coaching, along with the Complete Cricket coaches, to help improve technique and bowling actions for Pace Bowling. The first session concentrates on the importance of warming up correctly and Steven takes the students through a series of warm up drills.

We will be looking at other aspects of the game over the coming months, including cricket tactics, as well as focusing particular skills or techniques.

If you are interested in attending one of our Specialist Coaching sessions please contact David Smith on 07886 689941 or email

Complete Cricket would like to thank Dave Edwards of NewBold Images for his hard work and professionalism in putting these short videos together for the website.