Batting vs Spin Masterclass with David Hemp – Part 3

At Complete Cricket  we arranged a Batting vs Spin Masterclass led by David Hemp which was recorded and has been made available on YouTube. Part 3 covers ‘Playing off the back foot’

The Batting vs Spin Masterclass has been divided into 3 sections so that you can get a good insight into the different aspects that David Hemp covered in his session.

In the third segment David shows the Complete Cricket students how and when to play of the back foot to a spin bowler. David Hemp and the Complete Cricket coaches followed up this section by working with the students to improve their technique and decision making against spin bowling.

We will be looking at other aspects of the game over the coming months, including cricket tactics, as well as focusing particular skills or techniques.

If you are interested in attending one of our Specialist Coaching Masterclasses please contact David Smith on 07886 689941 or email

Complete Cricket would like to thank Dave Edwards of NewBold Images for his hard work and professionalism in putting these short Masterclass videos together for the website.