Jamie Spires

Complete Cricket Midlands Head Coach

Jamie is a Level II qualified and Head Coach of Complete Cricket Midlands, a company setup in 2012 to expand Complete Cricket across the Midlands which included the inception of the highly successful Complete Cricket Academy. Jamie has various ongoing coaching roles within Complete Cricket including the Academy, One to One, local clubs, schools and universities.

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John Faal, University of Warwick Men’s Cricket Club

Many thanks to Jamie Spires and Nick James from Complete Cricket for all their hard work with the UWMCC1s and 2s squad this year. Their presence has certainly brought a professional touch to our sessions, raising our standards to new levels for the BUCS season ahead.

The feedback from the lads has been excellent, each and every one of us has personally benefitted from the cricketing expertise at our disposal. Skills specific work has allowed us to use our practise time in the most efficient manner possible, with invaluable individual focus on the particular needs of each cricketer.

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Luke Robinson, UWMCC President

The University of Warwick Men’s Cricket Club (UWMCC) sought to bring in coaches for the first time in their history for the 2013 preseason. Our excellent experience of working with Complete Cricket (including Jamie Spires, Alan Richardson, Dominic Ostler, and Ian Westwood) has been such that it is a relationship that we hope to foster for many years to come. [Read more…]