Complete Cricket Academies 2020/21

What are the benefits of the Complete Cricket Academy?

Here are SIX! great reasons to enrol your son/daughter on to the academy:

  1. Individually tailored coaching programmes designed by ECB Level 3 qualified coaches, geared specifically at improving your child’s all-round game
  2. Unrivalled specialist coaching from current and past professional cricketers geared towards preparing children for county trials 
  3. Expert coaching for Batters, Pace Bowlers, Spin Bowlers and Wicketkeepers
  4. Focussed specialist fielding sessions and advanced movement techniques
  5. Tactical/ game awareness sessions focusing on field placements, bowling and captaincy scenarios
  6. Fitness testing to help your child maximise their physical fitness and to highlight existing strengths and areas that can be worked on to improve their game

Here’s another SIX! great reasons to enrol your son/daughter on to the academy:

  1. An opportunity to train with like-minded individuals within a competitive but supportive environment
  2. Continued use of PitchVision technology within our training this year, with a minimum of two session weeks incorporating this state-of-the-art cricket analysis system as used by the likes of SKY Sports and other major broadcasters!
  3. BOLA bowling machines and use of the state-of-the-art Merlyn Spin machine (at Solihull School sessions post-October Half Term only*)
  4.  Group nets and real-world match scenarios developing game sense and awareness
  5.  High coach to player ratios means your child receives a high level of coach engagement and support
  6. Loads of fun!

Want an Elite package?

Want even more?? Take your child’s game to the next level through our Elite Academy Package:

  • 2 x detailed reports over 12 weeks using PitchVision One which is a state-of-the-art cricket analysis system combining motion tracking and video analysis
  • Reports written by ECB Level 3 Qualified Coaches with advanced technical knowledge
  • This provides an opportunity for your child’s development to be further enhanced, through personalised, high level technical analysis and an accompanying development plan

Included in this is the extensive movement and postural analysis programme as well as the DIERS scan used to prevent stress fractures

The Elite Academy Package is available for an additional £200.